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9 de May de 2019 Off By morse

Can Fiction predict the future?
This podcast talks about movies, books, and comic books that, somehow, were able to predict events and new technologies. So, what is your opinion about it? Does fiction create or only translate the future?

Peter Thiel’s All-Mighty
Meet Palantir, a Big Data and surveillance company that has “small” names such as CIA and the US Army as clients. Speaking of surveillance, have you ever consider that today’s 007 would be more like a hacker than a classic spy? We have.

Lullaby for adults
A data analysis of 20,000 Spotify playlists “to relax and sleep” showed that Ed Sheeran is one of the main artists on the list. Do you think it is foolish? Don’t be mistaken, because sleep is a US$ 70 billion market.