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15 de May de 2019 Off By morse

We have closely witnessed Nike’ advancement in the digital world, from the running app to the “smart-sneakers” early this year. Last week, the company’s evolution (just like a Pokémon) is completed, so much that the company’s product vice-president stated, with absolute certainty: “Nike is a technology company.” What happened? Mobile and Big Data.

Size matters…

Named “Nike Fit”, the brand’s new app uses Augmented Reality (AR) to indicate the exact size of sneakers the user needs to buy – and this very size varies depending on the sneakers’ design (we sure know it!). The system is able to scan in such a detailed manner that can even tell if a person’s feet have different sizes. For such, it is not is only the cell phone’s camera that makes a difference, but also a system of recommendation algorithms, spatial 3D, and Machine Learning to match the size with the shoe’s fabric and elasticity.

…But data matters more!The ace in the hole is with the data generated by that app. With the information, Nike plans to create shoes and sneakers sized to better fit their audience. Not to mention that, from geolocation, the company can tell which size options are the most popular in each area and customize the stocks in stores accordingly in a more intelligent manner.